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Published: 16th May 2011
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Itís a great feeling when you own a piece of jewelry youíve always dreamed of. Itís a matter of great pride too to put on jewelry thatís an object of everyoneís envy. But to keep your most-loved and valued ornaments shining and beautiful forever, there are basic rules to follow which very few of us are aware of. So we bring to you an invaluable insight into the views of the jewelry experts on how to increase the life of your jewelry.
Hereís a checklist from one of Hyderabadís oldest and most trusted Jewelry makers - Mangatrai Pearls and Jewellery, the brand recognized for crafting beautiful jewelry since 1935, that also enjoys many prominent names of India in its long list of clientele.
Beware of chemicals!
1. Do not spray perfume, body spray or any other chemicals on any part of the jewelry.
2. The jewelry-experts at Mangatrai suggest that care should be taken to wear jewelry 10 minutes after applying perfume or body spray.
3. Also, jewelry should not be kept in close contact with any chemicals and sprays.

Proper storage is as important as cleaning.
1. Mangatrai jewelers advise against using velvet box for storing your jewelry as it has chemicals which can react and tarnish the jewelry.
2. It is recommended that you do not to put any piece of jewelry on Uncut-diamond (Polki) ornaments.
3. When storing your Kundan ornaments, be careful as to not keep them in air tight lockers for a long duration of time as Kundan jewelry needs air moisture as well as body moisture to retain their beauty and durability.
4. As a diamond or a gemstone can scratch the surface of gold, it is important that you store all jewelry pieces separately.
5. Be careful as to not keep your new jewelry with already tarnished jewelry (if any) since it may cause reactions with the new jewelry.
6. Always take care as to keep your ornaments away from water and dampness and never polish the jewelry.
7. Pearl jewelry should always be stored separate from other ornaments as they may scratch or mar the pearls' surface.

Some facts:
1. It is observed that Victorian jewelry has a tendency to tarnish over time as it contains silver.
2. Even though diamonds are extremely durable, a hard blow can still lead to chipping or breakage. So it is suggested that you avoid wearing diamond jewelry while doing household chores, garden work or any other type of strenuous activity.
3. Wedding bands, pendants and charms (dangling pieces) and other everyday jewelry items are subject to wear and can thin out and eventually break. So the diligent craftsmen at Mangatrai recommend that you get them checked by your jeweler often for any repairs/restoration that they might need.
4. It is highly recommended that you pay particular attention to clasps (to ensure they catch easily but are still secure); prongs (to ensure they haven't cracked, bent or loosened, which could cause the stone to fall out); bracelet and neck chain links (to ensure they don't kink or bend); and to pin backs and earring posts (to see if they are bent or loose).
The skilled jewelers at Mangatrai Pearls and Jewellery tell us that making a note of these simple tips will not only help you in keeping your jewelryís beauty, value and shine but to also extend their life to that of a treasured heirloom for the coming generations to take pride in.

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